The Sussex Reign Of Repugnant Repulsiveness

By now most of you will have read opinions that have debated over the alleged speaker gig the Sussex duo had on 6 February, 2020 courtesy of JP Morgan Chase at 1 Hotel South Beach in Miami. It was apparently a ‘wealth’ conference (Alternative Investment Summit) aimed at billionaires in order for the bank to entice them to invest with them and was a closed invite only event.

There was bound to be criticism, but the debate appears to be over whether the duo were paid, but the real question is when were they ‘booked’ to speak? Technically they are in a transition period where their security is paid for by the state, and therefore until they step down and are no longer using the HRH title, they are ‘paid for royals’ on garden leave. Thus, on garden leave you can’t work while still on the payroll. They could however accept a donation, but with a foundation that means funds can be used to pay for staffing and other expenses that the foundation incurs.

While this was a private event, the amount of secrecy is beyond ridiculous if guests had to sign NDAs. Most wouldn’t want to talk about it and with this it creates an exaggerated and overbearing sense of self-importance. Were they there or not? JP Morgan has not denied it, and from that you can ascertain that they probably did attend, along with other guests hinting that they were there, and others saying ‘no comment’ because if they weren’t there then you wouldn’t need to avoid answering.

Apparently MM made a short speech about Harry, and then Harry apparently talked about his therapy, and guess what, his suffering after his mother died. Churning out the dead Diana card again hasn’t worked, and if that’s all he’s got left then he has nothing. Diana’s death isn’t news, it’s history and as for his suffering, let’s try and get some perspective on this. He’s had access to therapy all his life, he didn’t suffer like others who may have lost a parent who also lose their homes or become impoverished. If he had been in therapy then one must ask the question as to whether he was mentally fit and stable to be an active soldier in the army all these years? Did he endanger the lives of his comrades by being mentally unstable?

If you need reminding, Diana died at the hands of a drunk driver in a car accident and wasn’t wearing a seat belt. The question is whether Harry is using her death as a desperate measure to excuse his actions? As a member of the RF, duty comes before family and that means putting your own personal happiness aside to serve the public as The Queen does or is supposed to. Harry failed to do this, and while some applaud him for breaking away, the simple fact is that he didn’t have to become a full-time working royal and could have got a job when he left the army. However, he wasn’t particularly qualified to do much and still isn’t, so his family gave him a job in the family business because it was a case of ‘what to do with Harry now?’ when the army didn’t really work out. Let’s face it, although he did his duty and served his country he was not by many first hand accounts an outstanding soldier, and who always had his RPOs with him, so he was never actually in danger. Harry gave up his heritage and family for a woman he has known since May 2016––that’s 3 years and 9 months.

Why did the Daily Mail change their headline from Harry being in therapy for the last 3 years to 7 years? Most media outlets have stuck with the 3 years claim, but that would mean that he needed therapy several months after meeting MM which doesn’t look good for her. However, stretching it to 7 years doesn’t look good either as he was active in the army until June, 2015, less than 5 years ago and means he was possibly mentally unfit to serve. The notorious Las Vegas incident was in August 2012 which was 7 years ago, where he didn’t appear to be suffering too much, but looked to be having his cake and eating it non-stop. There are of course many other incidents that have never been publicly reported, but people are aware of nonetheless and they were of a happy go lucky Harry around the club and pub circuits in London.

These kinds of ‘wealth’ events run by investment banks are to schmooze the wealthy or those with status and no expense is spared. Attendees are flown in, given hotel suites, open bars, entertainment, and celebrity speakers are booked intended to impress. Most of the time the speakers are not there to talk about how to invest or even impart knowledge, but are there merely for the bank to brag that they could book someone exclusive. Banks see it as an investment, to get clients one to one in a comfortable situation so that they can build up relationships and entice them to do business. Sometimes it works, but more often attendees come for the freebies and can claim it as a work day.

I imagine the Sussex duo wanted to network and JP Morgan gave them that opportunity, but when did they book them? These events are usually organized a year in advance, but has this backfired on JP Morgan who don’t appear to have made any public comment on this, yet have been attacked on social media? How do I know most of this? I used to organize and run these kinds of events for investment banks, even looking after Blair at one whose attendance wasn’t announced either. He arrived about 30 minutes before he was due to speak, and left immediately after and security was tight. Speakers who are a security risk have a special holding room where access is limited, and most don’t stay to speak to the attendees other than a quick Q & A if they agree to it. The fact that the duo chose to remain indicates that they had a motive, and that was to network, and to promote themselves and their foundation it appears. I have seen this so often, and it’s cringeworthy with people giving a politically correct response and smile so as not to offend.  Bankers would ask me if they had seen X or Y because they wanted to schmooze them, while X and Y had told me they were avoiding them and were only there for the jolly and to network with other attendees themselves. Make no mistake, it’s a game and a public relations exercise.

Perhaps the Sussex duo are testing the response to their appearance, and while some companies will pay, it doesn’t mean they are worth it or that the companies will benefit either. Most I imagine were silently laughing at the duo, and one must ask if indeed Harry rehashed his mental health issues and claims of suffering and being a victim of the media because of the death of his mother whether it’s appropriate ‘speaker’ spiel, and what is it he actually has to offer? Speakers generally talk about their work, and entertain with anecdotes as they are actually the paid entertainment because no one really wants to hear a sermon or a rant. If the claims that Harry has made in regards to his mental health being so poor are accurate, then surely it would be wiser for him to spend some time in a rehab clinic rather than instigate lawsuits and complain about the media when they justifiably criticize him?

There is no doubt the whole ‘Miami affair’ was tacky and unwise with people coining them rent-a-royal, and it seems they have little shame, pride, or dignity. What other deals have they got lined up? They appear to have wooed Disney, so will the duo appear on an array of productions with cameos, voiceovers, or attend premieres in exchange for payment? Have they have taken work from others more experienced, or will productions be compelled to work with them, forcing people to forfeit their chosen teams due to budgets? That would be a travesty if it were to happen, yet it’s very possible and likely that some are dimwitted enough to believe that the duo aren’t tarnished goods. Naturally there will be fans of the duo, but do the public truly believe that that the duo are championing causes such as the environment, and mental health, or is it because they know these are gullible audiences?

A couple of years ago the royal reporters were making outlandish claims that the Sussex duo were essential to the RF and were needed and necessary, but the duo haven’t been missed since their last real public engagement which was Remembrance Day back in November. They are in fact irrelevant, unnecessary, surplus to requirements, dispensable, and not fit for purpose. Three months on, and the RF have not struggled without their presence and it’s been business as usual. Harry only became a full-time royal 4 years ago, and the RF coped without him then and they will cope without him now.  Anne, The Princess Royal is set to replace Harry as Captain General of the Royal Marines, as she is already the Admiral and Chief Commandant for Women in the Royal Navy, so Harry is replaceable, and the news has been greeted with enthusiasm because Anne is deemed the safest hands one can be in. Watching her on Remembrance Sunday, she took control and made the laying of the wreaths and salutes streamlined and as perfect as possible, and is an asset to the RF.

Those royal reporters who wanted to ride on the coattails of potential fame have found themselves looking rather foolish, yet some still seem to be desperate enough to follow the Sussex duo’s every move. They think it’s news, but the only people who read what drivel they churn out are the cult fans, and the rest of us that merely want confirmation that we were right––that the Sussexes are a waste of time, energy, and resources, and are simply not worthy to represent the nation of the UK. No doubt Harry will have to return to do handover ceremonies, but will they bother showing up at the Commonwealth Service? After last year where MM dragged Harry away from people when he was mid sentence during a line up of meetings, I doubt they will be missed. The question is will they show up to Beatrice’s wedding in May, and try and ruin it as they did with Eugenie and Jack? They are an embarrassment to the nation, and March, when they officially must refrain from using their HRH titles can’t come soon enough. Let them have their own self-imposed exile, let the faux friends see what liggers they truly are, and the companies that choose to support them, well, if there are shareholders I’m sure they will decide the fates of those who chose to back the Sussex duo. Pink slips all round?