The Humiliation And Ridiculing Of The Sussex Duo

In the space of a few days since the Sussex duo declared they were getting a divorce from the Royal Family, social media has been flooded with memes, and newspapers have published numerous cartoons that mock the RF, but in particular Harry and MM. Some may appear quite cruel or crude, yet with each there is an element of truth behind the cartoon or meme. I’ve never seen a member of the RF humiliated, and ridiculed in such a short space of time (from established broadsheets too), yet many say Harry deserves it, and MM had been asking for it anyhow.

Satirical cartoons have existed for centuries as a means to express what the public think about a person or event. This was back in the day when many were illiterate and so a picture could say it all, and while now we still have cartoons, we also have memes, GIFs as well as shows like Spitting Image. How the RF have fallen, and all due to the Sussex duo, yet the outcome was inevitable for so many reasons (red flags ignored), so why wasn’t this farce stopped before it began? MM’s family and friends warned the public, those who knew her either remained silent because the truth wasn’t pleasant, or tried to jump on the bandwagon only to be ghosted.

Paul Thomas for the Daily Mail with a realistic depiction of the ‘summit’ at Sandringham.

The British Royal Family look like fools, and no wishy washy, or lovey dovey statement from The Queen can stop this. Yes, I was harsh in my criticism of the statement she issued because while I also realize there is a game going on between the Sussexes and the rest of the RF, what the court fails to realize are the historical consequences of these actions. The Queen may play the ‘balancing act’ to try to appease the fans, to tell them that the Sussexes are still part of the family, and loved by all, but while she can force other members of the RF to say the same, she can’t control how they genuinely feel. I agree she needed to write something to appear to support the Sussex duo, but many of the words used were unnecessary, such as ‘being proud of Meghan’, when we all know full well that’s not true. She was IMHO appealing to the wrong audience, for the majority waited for a monarch to ‘act’ and not have a delayed reaction. It is this crowd that needed appeasing, and not the unstable fans who cry racism at anything, and from various comments on my own Facebook pages, the public see The Queen as weak and who has given in.

The public have turned against Harry, and if this is the real Harry that has been hidden, then maybe they should have kept him hidden in say Antartica? I do feel that the enforced dormancy of the HRH is to allow Harry to use it again when things change, but the public mood is very much against him having it at all. However, it is his birthright, but he cannot expect respect or loyalty because that ship sailed and sunk two years ago. As for MM, she has her own agenda and she cares little for the reputation of the RF or Harry. The sooner the Buckingham Palace aides get that into their skulls the better, and it’s not as if the press or other social media outlets haven’t told them. I don’t know whether it’s arrogance, stupidity, or being out of touch with reality that has led to their delayed reaction, but they need to still do more. If they think they have sorted things with this compromise then they are truly dimmer than a burnt out lightbulb.

The fact that the duo has been ‘told’ not to use HRH, and then decided to use it deliberately when that was announced shows that they want to keep it and they didn’t volunteer to relinquish it. The respectful thing to do would be stop using immediately, and it appears that they knew the details of the negotiations a while back when some social media posts didn’t use the HRH title that MM loved.

The RF also need to realize that in this modern day where things are progressive, that transparency is essential. The public don’t need to know all the facts, but they don’t wish to be lied to either. From the outset it was clear that MM had no intention of abiding by the rules of protocol when she constantly barged in front of Harry when meeting people. She wasn’t reprimanded because they all knew she would be out soon, which makes the deception all the worse. The signs were there, when MM didn’t attend any UK social events during summer, a summer visit at Balmoral was ignored, Harry’s office fibbing about being booked for an event already in favour of one that offered ‘job’ prospects, the contrived Southern Africa documentary where they began the ‘we are victims’ plan, and of course the lawsuits, and the six week garden leave/ vacation before Christmas. How did they manage to show their faces at the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust round table in October 2019 spouting all kinds of nonsense? No wonder Harry looked sheepish, and it’s because he knew that their official roles would be history in a matter of weeks.

The now infamous The Lion King visit that allowed the duo to pitch for work and donations instead of visiting a memorial service for Marines who died serving their country.

People may say none of this matters, but as a historian every event and reaction matters because we learn from mistakes or errors of judgement. A historian analyzes events through evidence such as images, videos, first hand accounts, statements, events, and also the public reactions. We don’t judge, but we collate the facts from the evidence (primary sources) available and let others decide for themselves what the truth is. In years to come, people will read these accounts and view them without any bias, but what will they see? A flawed and weak monarchy that failed to act sooner? That what occurred could have been prevented and that there were numerous warnings? History often uncovers hidden truths, ones that are embarrassing or uncomfortable, but a historian records facts based on evidence (or evidence that has been destroyed or deleted) or parts that are available. The truth is not an attack, but a fact, and it appears that Thomas Markle senior has  accepted the daughter he once knew (or thought he knew) is a very different person, and not a particularly honourable or respectful one at that as he has agreed to a documentary to tell his side of the story.

Other journalists may feel gagged by their bosses, or fear for their careers and may not be as free to report the truths that they know. We must ask ourselves whether that is right in an age where honesty and truth are relevant to a better society? Naturally some journalists will suck up to the Sussex duo in the hope they will be one of the favoured few that are selected, hoping that these exclusives will bring fame and fortune. Surely by now they have figured out they are backing the wrong horse, and to follow the Sussexes would be backing the dead and cremated donkey.

If we look at the wording of the BP statement issued, some have pointed out that the Sussexes wish to ‘share’ that they wish to repay the cost of the refurbishment of Frogmore Cottage. It doesn’t mean they will, but need to look as if they wish to. I doubt that they suggested it, because why would they offer to do so? Essentially they would be paying for a property that they can never own, but maybe able to lease long term as Andrew and Edward do. People also ask why would this be of interest to the public, well, public funds paid for the refurbishment and it appears a refund is due because the tenants weren’t entitled to the privilege that had been bestowed upon them.

People may argue amongst themselves whether the Sussex duo have won and got what they want, but they were in no position to bargain and that’s why they instigated the lawsuits and made the ‘we are victims’ documentary to force their hand. It’s pretty low and deceitful, more so because BP knew this would happen. The RF need to hear the public and take advice from people who can see things clearly, and that this is far from a done deal. Perhaps they are waiting for the duo to renege on the agreement so that they can take further action and justify it, but what they fail to realize is that they don’t need to wait because they have the right to protect the reputation of the House of Windsor.

This is what the public think of the Sussex duo

Others will carry on the HRH debate, but it’s fruitless for as I have stated there is a difference between choosing not to use a title, and being told you can’t. It’s like a divorce when one party prohibits the other from using their married name, and if they do, then action can be taken. The world is laughing at Harry and MM who seem desperate to sell themselves and their ‘brand’, but who will want to be associated with a brand that is mocked worldwide? As for the patronages, if they no longer represent The Queen, they cannot be patrons of charities or bodies that The Queen had passed to them. They are either in or out, and there is no halfway because a charity suits their agenda.

Meghan, you can eat with your hands now!

I’ve featured some of the images that others have posted on my social media or that I have been sent. Some have ripe language, so you can look those up yourself, but people are being direct and while it may seem unkind at times, they depict the uncomfortable truths that the RF are afraid to accept. At times, pictures speak louder than words and in this case you can’t control how people react or feel about this saga. No matter what words they release, it won’t change the opinion of the majority because they left it too late. They may delude themselves with their prepared statements, but it changes very little, and while they pat themselves on the back, without a doubt the scheming Sussex duo and the small team of minions are plotting how to exploit any loopholes left open. This is no time to sit back and sigh in relief, but to gather allies and do the deeds that the aides were too afraid to do back in 2017. ‘Tis a harsh lesson being learnt, but the RF don’t have to prolong it––it’s much better to halt the obvious mayhem and misery being caused, that is if they have the courage to do what is needed.