The Sweaty Sussex Showdown Begins

The six week break the public had from the Sussex duo came to an end this week, but not without their usual game of smoke and mirrors. There was the end of year review video with the odd image of Harry holding a baby with his thumb out of focus, and we must remember babies change a lot over two weeks, and more so over six weeks into a completely different looking being.

The Canadian Tale

We were then subjected to tales of them being in Canada, first from a restaurant called Deep Cove Chalet where the owners, the Koffels alleged that the Sussexes wanted to book a table, and then by chance a couple hiking in the area were approached by a party who offered to take a photo for them. Asymina Kantorowicz and Iliya Pavlovic claimed MM approached them to offer to take a photo for them as they appeared to be struggling. Allegedly Abigail Spencer was also with them, and lo and behold, she posts an image of tree a couple of hours after the story is published followed by an image of her walking in the woods on her Instagram account.

All the stories appeared to be a desperate attempt to prove that they were in Canada––the review picture didn’t work (31.12.19), mainly because the perspective was wrong again and Harry would either be on a boat or in the water besides the odd out of focus patches that don’t exist on images that have not been enhanced. The next thing was the story of the hikers on New Year’s Day, and it’s their word we are supposed to take, but how can we be sure when Kantorowicz last retweeted anything on her twitter in April 2019, and who also ran a ‘Tig’ style blog on how to get your man, plan your wedding, and to look stylish?

The fact is no one can verify they saw them in Canada; the restaurant owners only got a phone call claiming to be the Sussexes, and the hikers may have seen people that looked like the Sussexes. People actually didn’t care where they were or what they did, but they did care about being lied to. To further the ‘story’ of the Canadian visit, it was announced that the duo would visit Canada House to ‘thank’ Canada for their warmth and friendship. Of course it perplexed many as why would you thank a country that you visited in a private capacity, that didn’t host you and for the most part didn’t have a clue you were there until the Sussex duo decided to announce it in the media. It became apparent why they wanted to endear themselves to Canada as others suspected they wanted to live there with public funding.

The visit came after a ‘secret’ visit to Grenfell apparently on 7 January, 2020 around 3 p.m., and lasted about an hour, so they had tea and visited the gallery for a public photo opportunity in essence.


The visit wasn’t necessary, nor did they represent the Queen or the RF in doing so, but was an excuse to publicize themselves. The duo looked bored in between posing for photos, and shaking hands, while Harry fidgeted with his ring several times and looked distant, and MM emitted shrieks of nervous laughter and then left with large visible sweat patches under her armpits. What was she afraid of? Seeing someone who would know her secrets that couldn’t be paid off?

It was a fruitless visit followed by staged paparazzi shots of MM leaving the National Theatre (reminding them she is the patron) the next day. If it had been an official visit, then photographers would have been told, but the paparazzi must have been tipped off because the Southbank during the day is not a place they would get any photos.

January 8, 2020 at 6.35 p.m.

The Sussex duo made an announcement on their own website that had been parked for most of the previous year, stating that they have ‘decided’ to step down as ‘senior’ members of the RF and will divide their time between the UK and North America, and aim to become financially independent. This wasn’t unexpected given that the duo have distanced themselves from the RF and their friends, with a no show at Balmoral for the second year, and little interaction with other family members at events either public or private. The visit to Canada House appears to be a desperate ploy for Canadian support, clinging to the Commonwealth tie, and while it seemed to leave some reporters in shock, myself and others knew it was inevitable as the situation was untenable.

It also appears that the duo didn’t have the courtesy to inform other members of the RF with a vague statement made by BP stating discussions are at an early stage. If you needed proof that the duo have distanced themselves from the RF, then this is it as the duo attempt to negotiate by trying to get what they can. The whole thing has been in the process before the wedding, where it appeared the duo had plans of their own while happily living off the public purse and invoicing Charles for their lifestyle. They want the money, but they don’t want to have to account for what they do with it, and want the perks of a title and this is what they have been working on, which is why MM has made no effort to integrate into British life, or to take the time to make friends or get to know ‘the family she never had’, because she never actually wanted them. Harry was just too dumb to realize it all. The new (sussexroyal) website carries their mission statement and they make it appear as if it’s a progressive move, but was this a choice, or did they know they were getting ousted with funds being cut and they opted to try and save face and salvage what perks they can hold onto?

Let’s look at what we know as facts––we know that the six week ‘break’ was essentially garden leave where the duo were planning to leave, while BP was cutting back on their funding and engagements. Basically, the duo didn’t like being told what to do and to account for their behaviour and the only way to resolve that was to leave, but they want to leave on their terms and with a package they have designed.

While royal experts discuss, and debate the implications, I’m sure many aides are breathing a sigh of relief too because the Sussex duo had been troublesome and had become unpopular with crowds booing them. Let’s look at the statement, and read what the duo are actually saying:


They begin by saying that this has been planned for quite a while, I would say that was the plan always and why they registered domains, trademarks, and sourced sponsors and staff for a foundation.

“…carve out a progressive new role within this institution.”

The disdain in this statement, ‘this institution’ smacks of anger and arrogance and it’s not progressive––these are the words of a rude and petulant child who hates being controlled and told what to do, making out he is modern.

“…work to become financially independent, while continuing to fully support Her Majesty The Queen.”

What this says is that they want to profit from their title and status, to take freebies without having to declare them, and not have to account for their spending to Charles or the public. They also want to keep their foot in the door by telling The Queen they are still available for gigs, and because of that she should let them keep Frogmore, and pay for protection wherever they are in the world. To be financially independent would mean that they pay for their own homes and pay for their own protection. They need to look up what ‘financially independent ‘ means, and that it doesn’t mean to keep the expensive perks under a faux sense of duty and loyalty, both of which are non existent due to the fact they didn’t have the manners to discuss this with Charles or The Queen.

“We now plan to balance our time between the United Kingdom and North America,”

Basically they are going to live off the kindness of the new faux pals, but need a UK base because they have no other property to live in. There are no friends that will house them in the UK, so they need to go to North America. Also, they can’t profit from the title in the UK as people won’t buy it, however, gullible Americans might as they did with Sarah Ferguson. Also, MM still isn’t a British citizen, and I doubt she ever wanted to be one and this flitting between countries means she won’t fulfill the criteria for citizenship, depending on when they leave.

“…as we continue to collaborate with Her Majesty The Queen, The Prince of Wales, The Duke of Cambridge, and all relevant parties.”

The above appears to be word salad at its finest. You do not collaborate with your family, and who are all relevant parties? The charities, the contacts, or sponsors? It is written as a business deal and that’s what it is seen at. The reality that they failed to see is that the RF is a historical institution that you do not collaborate with, but you support through respect. This is why the Sussex duo fail, because they want control, and to profit, while the RF is about serving and respecting the traditions and not twisting them under the guise of being modern to suit your own agenda which is what they have done. People suspected it, now this is proof.

At the end they are begging for public support because they truly believe what they have done and are doing is positive and innovative, but in truth it is repulsive, rude, dishonorable, and disrespectful. A few centuries ago, the Tower would have been too good for them.

The game of smoke and mirrors has turned into a blazing bonfire in a hall of haunted mirrors. Many will compare this to Edward VIII who turned his back on his duty, but wanted to keep the perks, but he owned Balmoral and Sandringham which he ‘sold’ as part of his deal, and he was once the monarch. Harry doesn’t have any leverage––the Diana card was played and wasn’t strong enough, the Archie card looked fake and contrived, and no one ever bought the racism card and it ran its course.

Life will be very different when Harry is financially independent, living off his trust fund, having to pay staff wages from his own pocket, cars, plane journeys, tax,  utility bills and housing costs. From a brief look at the website, it appears that they want to cling to Frogmore, and also the personal protection, but these are perks only for full time members of the RF, not part-timers who have to pay a modest rent (such as the Kents).

Somehow they have classified themselves as ‘internationally protected people’, I’m unsure quite how they decided that, but maintain that is why they must keep their protection which would cost an excessive amount. Diana lost her protection detail and had to pay herself when she lost her HRH status, and only kept her apartment in Kensington Palace because she needed a place to live where her sons could stay. Sarah Ferguson didn’t fare as well and was reduced to renting a smaller home and had to budget, thus she had to work by using her name to make money. If they hope to make money by selling their name, they maybe in for a shock because tins of tea and biscuits (and other items) still sit on the sale shelves gathering dust where even a BOGOF won’t entice people to buy.

There is no guarantee that they will be allowed to keep Frogmore, or if they do, they must pay rent.

We can also look at the citizenship of MM, and her need to flit between the countries if she did not gain UK citizenship. The premise has always been that a HRH is only for those who are British citizens, and is at the discretion of The Queen. Should someone who isn’t a full time working royal who wasn’t born as an HRH, or living in the UK be able to keep that privilege? The answer is obvious, and that’s what makes MM thrive, but when it’s taken away, will she survive?

This is the start of the showdown, and while the Sussex duo try to call the shots and attempt to rally public support, those cries fall on deaf ears. This is the time for the RF to take control and do what is best for the People and the nation, because that is their role and responsibility. The Sussex duo were not missed over the last couple of months, and they are not wanted because they are poor ambassadors for the nation. It appears that the Sussex duo had to rush this announcement because The Sun was already hot on the story, hence why the Sussex Royal website wasn’t ready with pages being uploaded by the hour. The People aren’t sad about the Sussexes departing, but are disgusted that they were discourteous to their family in doing this behind their backs. All this does is prove that they are deceptive and duplicitous as many suspected.

The Queen has the power to do many things still, and just maybe she can salvage the reputation of the House of Windsor, even though the damage caused was preventable. The clock has started ticking and the curtain is ready to fall on this sham of a farce. Some may say it’s a shame the Tower of London is a museum these days…



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